Riviera Towel Company Celebrates a Milestone: Achieving WBENC Certification

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement in the journey of Riviera Towel Company – we have been officially certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)! This prestigious certification is a testament to our commitment to excellence and diversity in the business world. As a company founded and led by the visionary Shannon DiPadova, we have always strived to create a positive impact, not just in the marketplace but also in the community and environment.

Shannon DiPadova, our founder, has been the driving force behind our brand's success. Her journey is one of passion, dedication, and a deep commitment to making a difference. With a degree in communications from SF State University, Shannon has a rich history of entrepreneurial success, having launched and sold three businesses throughout her career. Her vision for Riviera Towel Company has always been clear – to create a brand that stands for quality, innovation, and social responsibility. By donating 5% of our profits to marine agencies, we actively contribute to healing and protecting our oceans, a cause close to Shannon's heart.

Achieving the WBENC certification is not just a milestone for Riviera Towel Company; it's a step forward in our mission to expand and diversify. We are excited to leverage this opportunity to grow our brand across multiple channels, including retail, wholesale, and as a leading supplier in the promotional products industry. This certification opens doors to new markets and partnerships, enabling us to further our reach and impact. We are proud to be a part of the WBENC community, which recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of women-led businesses.

As we celebrate this achievement, we want to thank our customers, partners, and the dedicated team at Riviera Towel Company for their unwavering support. Together, we look forward to continuing our journey, making a difference one towel at a time.

WBENC Certificate Riviera Towel Company

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